Search Completed! Executive Director – Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa

Update: This search was completed and the new Executive Director, Teresa Spaeth, was placed in March 2016. Click here to learn more about Teresa and CCMI!

On behalf of our client, Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa, CohenTaylor Executive Search Services is conducting a retained executive search for their EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.

Can you be the architect and leader for the future of nature conservation and youth development? Join one of the nation’s leading conservation organizations and make a difference in the lives of young people. Corps members work hard all year to conserve natural resources and wildlife habitats, improve state parks and trails, and provide relief to communities ravaged by floods and other natural disasters. These projects give youth members leadership skills, greater confidence and job opportunities that can lead to leadership careers in conservation. The Corps offers life-changing experiences to nearly 600 youth and 2,000 volunteers each year.

Click here for the full position profile: Position Profile – Executive Director – Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa

Conservation Corps is a nonprofit organization that provides engaging work for young people in managing natural resources, responding to disasters, conserving energy and leading volunteers. Through youth programs (ages 15-18) and young adult AmeriCorps participants (ages 18-25), The Corps helps young people develop personal responsibility, a strong work ethic and greater awareness of environmental stewardship. Corps goals are to help young people from all backgrounds become more connected to the environment, engaged in conservation, involved in the community and prepared for future employment.

To apply, please send your resume to info@cohentaylor.comAll inquiries will remain confidential.


Searches Completed! Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) – Washington, DC

Update: These searches were completed in Spring 2016. Click here to learn more about RISE!

On behalf of our client,Responsible Industry for a Sound EnvironmentCohenTaylor Executive Search Services is conducting a retained searches for three positions:

State Manager, Public Affairs

Communications Coordinator

Administrative Assistant

THE MISSIONProtect and advance the specialty pest management and plant health industries by:
Representing a strong industry voice
Advocating to shape public policy
Influencing positive public opinion

THE VISIONAn industry free to create inspiring and healthy places where we live, work and play.

As the national trade association representing manufacturers, formulators, distributors and other industry leaders involved with specialty pesticides, RISE gives the facts about pests and the threats they pose to our health and safety. RISE provides accurate information about pesticides, their use and regulation, sharing news releases, fact sheets, and other valuable resources highlighting the benefits of the products our members provide.  We promote the safe use of pesticides to control pests and invasive species that are detrimental to our health and our environment. As the only national trade association representing this industry, our members supply products essential to public health and safety, and to protecting our environment. RISE staff members communicate with policymakers and regulators to ensure products are used properly and are available when needed. These exciting positions will have an impact on safe chemical use, policy and advocacy on the local, state and national level.


Search Completed! Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation – VP of Research & Dissemination

Update: This search was completed and the new VP of Research & Dissemination, Michael Ujhelyi, placed in February 2016. Learn more about the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation!

On behalf of our client, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® CohenTaylor Executive Search Services is conducting a retained search for their VICE PRESIDENT of  RESEARCH and DISSEMINATION

Imagine an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of cardiovascular research – research that will drastically impact the state of disease prevention and treatment world-wide.  Join a leading and successful nonprofit organization in Minnesota that has a high business profile, is dedicated to innovation and growth through research and education, deploys strong partnerships to achieve its mission, and is committed to the dissemination of their valuable research on an international scale. Click here to view the full position profile: Position Profile – MHIF – VP of Research

THE ORGANIZATION: Founded in 1982, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation (MHIF) is a Minnesota-based 501(c)3 that aims to create a world without heart and vascular disease. Efforts are focused on improving the cardiovascular health of individuals and communities through innovative research and education, and investigating new protocols and treatments designed to save lives – to radically change the trajectory of the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

THE ROLE: Located within the Abbott Northwestern Hospital campus in Minneapolis, Minnesota, MHIF seeks a Vice President of Research and Dissemination. In support of the MHIF mission, this position will be the principal representative for MHIF with regard to clinical and population health research, community-based health programs, professional education, research administration and human research protection. This leadership position will focus on collaboration with internal and external partners to develop and implement research and programs aligned with the MHIF vision and strategic plan. This position reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

To apply, please send your resume to info@cohentaylor.comAll inquiries will remain confidential.


Search Completed – Lifeworks – VP of Services

Update: This search was completed and the new VP of Services, Lisa Zaspel, placed in March 2016. Learn more about Lisa and Lifeworks!

On behalf of our client, Lifeworks, CohenTaylor is conducting a retained search for their Vice President of Services

Imagine an opportunity where you can be creative and collaborative, use your voice to influence industry and policy leaders, and employ strong business development skills — all to benefit people with disabilities and their families. Click here to view the full position profile: Position Profile – Lifeworks VP of Services

THE ORGANIZATION: Lifeworks mission is to serve our community and people with disabilities as we live and work together. Founded in 1965 by parents who wanted more options for the children with disabilities, Lifeworks is a Minnesota-based 501(c)3 that provides customized, person-centered services for adults with cognitive disabilities that help them live full and meaningful lives.

THE ROLE: Lifeworks administrative offices, located in Eagan, Minnesota, seeks a Vice President of Services to oversee the Fiscal and In-Home Services sector of the organization, with responsibility for $35-40M in revenue. This sector currently includes the following product and service lines: Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS), Personal Support, Consumer Supports Grants, and PCA Choice. This position will be responsible for maximizing the market share and financial performance for this diverse portfolio of services. This includes managing products and services from development through implementation and exit, defining the product or service vision, and working closely with stakeholders to create successful programs. This individual will serve as an expert for fiscal programs through contact with customers, industry experts, internal personnel, professional associations and government officials. This position reports directly to the CEO.

To apply, please send your resume to All inquiries will remain confidential.


Search Completed! College Possible – VP of Site Operations

Update: This search was completed and the new VP of Site Operations, Erin Carlin Campbell, was placed in February 2016. Read the press release about Erin joining the College Possible Executive Team!

On behalf of our client, College Possible, CohenTaylor Executive Search Services is conducting a retained search for their VICE PRESIDENT of SITE OPERATIONS

To view the full position profile, please click here: Position Profile – VP Site Operations

THE SEARCH: As College Possible continues to grow, we are looking for our first Vice President of Site Operations.  This role will be part of the senior leadership team of College Possible and will supervise five Executive Directors across the United States and a Manager of Site Support. This position will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

THE ORGANIZATION: Founded in 1999 as Admission Possible, College Possible is a growing non-profit dedicated to coaching low-income students to and through college, breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering our workforce. Our rigorously tested model earns top-of-field results that have helped 98 percent of students served earn admission to college. A 2011 Harvard University study found that the program more than doubles a student’s chance of enrolling in a four-year college. Overall, our students are 10 times more likely to earn a college degree than their low-income peers. College Possible has a budget of over $12 million, 75 full-time employees, and more than 160 AmeriCorps and VISTA service members. During the 2014-15 school year, we will serve 18,000 students in 53 partner high schools and nearly 300 college campuses. Headquartered in Saint Paul, MN, College Possible currently serves students in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Milwaukee, Portland, Omaha, Philadelphia, Chicago, and college campuses nationwide.

THE POSITION: reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Vice President, Site Operations will empower, manage, lead and support the current College Possible Executive Directors in Milwaukee, Omaha, Portland, Philadelphia and soon to be Chicago. Site supervision includes the functional areas of: revenue, service impact, development, management, and retention of coaches and staff, and site board development and relations.  In addition, the role manages the team of 3 professionals in the Twin Cities who provide support for the development function in the regional locations.

To apply, please send your resume to All inquiries will remain confidential.


Search Completed! Chief Development Officer – National Sports Center Foundation

Update: This search has been completed and the new CDO, Jill Griffiths, was placed in December 2015. Click here to learn more about Jill and the National Sports Center!

On behalf of our client, NATIONAL SPORTS CENTER FOUNDATION CohenTaylor Executive Search Services is conducting a retained search for their CHIEF DEVELOPMENT OFFICER

Interested in the opportunity to join a world-class, cutting edge sports organization?
Click to view the full position profile: Position Profile – NSCF Chief Development Officer

THE ORGANIZATION: The National Sports Center is the world’s largest amateur sports and meeting facility hosting over 4 million visitors annually – the most visited sports facility in Minnesota. The NSC campus operates over 100 unique programs and events in a variety of sports as well as hosting numerous national and international competitions annually.
The NSC has a dual mission:
To generate out of state economic impact through amateur sports events and programs.
To provide amateur sports opportunities to Minnesota residents

THE POSITION: The National Sports Center Foundation (NSCF) located in Blaine, Minnesota, seeks a Chief Development Officer to expand its existing sponsorship, advertising and non-profit foundation’s charitable program. The Chief Development Officer will report to the Executive Director and work with the executive team, staff and board members of the National Sports Center. This person should possess a proven track record of relationship building, leadership, strong administrative capabilities, a passion for amateur sports and youth development and the ability to build a world-class philanthropy program. S/he will be a seasoned philanthropy executive leader with demonstrated success in identification, solicitation and stewardship of donor and partner gifts. The Development Officer will understand sponsorship and advertising best practices and demonstrate the critical qualities of leadership necessary to motivate staff, organizational leadership, volunteers and board members to attain new levels of fundraising.

To apply, please send your resume to All inquiries will remain confidential.


Engaging a Diverse Workforce – You Must Include Mothers!

Working Mothers magazine recently published its 2015 list of the top 100 employers for working mothers. Unique benefits for some of the companies listed include flexible work schedules and work arrangements, health and fitness amenities, more lenient return-to-work policies, and regular compensation review to ensure gender equality. Did your company make the list??


Twin Cities-Based Executive Recruiters Chris Cohen and Don Taylor Form CohenTaylor Executive Search Services

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN – AUGUST 18, 2015) Well-known Twin Cities-based executive recruiters Chris Cohen and Don Taylor today announced the formation of CohenTaylor, a Twin Cities-based boutique executive search firm serving nonprofit and public organizations across the country. In line with the growing number of companies focused on doing good while doing well, CohenTaylor is the first Minnesota-based executive search firm seeking certification as a B Certified Corporation, a purpose-driven company that seeks a higher social purpose beyond profit.

“There are seismic workplace shifts happening and CohenTaylor is ready to be at the forefront of this exciting change,” said Chris Cohen. “More and more, employers and employees are looking to make a positive societal difference in their work lives. We are in the process of establishing CohenTaylor as a B Certified Corporation which allows us to give back in much the same way as our clients and their employees want to. We believe we live in a stronger, more vibrant communities when people look beyond themselves and see the good they can do together.”

“Every day, our non-profit community is working to bring together and weave the fabric of our community into one that brings us all better lives,” added Don Taylor. “I’ve spent thirty years working in the non-profit community and now, as an executive recruiter and business owner, CohenTaylor can help lead the way for others to do good while doing well.”

In addition to a wide range of executive search, leadership development, board development, succession planning and candidate assessment services, CohenTaylor principals bring keen eyes for talent and multiple tools to find the best candidates forward. Both Cohen and Taylor are using Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) using IDI’s philosophy and training to better recruit diverse, culturally competent candidates. They are also well versed in understanding the intergenerational differences prevalent in today’s workforce and how to fit candidates into the culture of the client workforce.

“Today’s workforce is changing rapidly and is different than the workforce of ten, five or even two years ago,” said Chris Cohen. “Organizations are actively looking to reflect the strength of their diverse communities and ensure an alignment of values and a recognition of the many great benefits a diverse workplace brings. Using integrated search strategies along with the IDI framework and understanding the differences in the intergenerational workforce helps us see organizations and candidates through a much more rich and diverse lens.”

Added Taylor, “By 2025, three fourths of the U.S. workforce will be made up of millennials and our understanding of intergenerational workforce patterns, strengths and differences will ensure our clients are presented candidates who have the diversity of thought needed to bring the most out of the ever-changing workforce.”

CohenTaylor uses several more recent tools to uncover, discover and present clients with the most relevant, skilled and culturally competent candidates. Using such things as the IDI, CohenTaylor will help ensure the leaders of today’s organizations reflect the full bounty a diverse world promises.

“Getting the best of people requires ensuring people who can see through barriers to build teams as well as engaged workforces,” Taylor said. “We are constantly finding the healthiest workplaces embrace differences and understand that together we are stronger. Chris and I are committed to bringing great candidates to our clients by using the tools that bring together the right mix of people, passions and purpose.”

“As CohenTaylor, we bring a unique inside-outside point of view,” Cohen commented. “Don’s thirty years as a non-profit insider and my ‘outside’ career as a businesswoman and recruiter ensures our team knows the ins-and-outs of non-profits and for-profits and how to find the right candidates for the right client.”

B Certified Corporations are a relatively new area of tax law and regulations around the world that have been embraced by a handful of Minnesota companies as a structured means to be accountable to the community rather than just shareholders.

“We believe being part of the B Certified Corporation community would give us an opportunity to exercise our leadership not only in the Twin Cities, but across the country,” Cohen said. “We’re excited about this movement and look for ways every day to make greater impact.”

For more information on CohenTaylor, please visit or contact Chris Cohen at 952-473-8510 or or Don Taylor at 612-247-9591 or For more information on B Certified Corporations, please visit


Media Contact:
Paul Omodt, Omodt & Associates


The Practice of Leadership in a Changing Environment

CohenTaylor is proud to be leading the search for the Bakken Museum‘s new Executive Director. After 23 years of leadership, David Rhees will be retiring this fall. We found the article below to be an inspiring view of the changing landscape of leadership in the museum science field.

By Julie I. Johnson and Randy C. Roberts
From Association of Science Technology Centers Dimensions

“Leadership is not a job or a position, but a way of influencing others towards ends recognized as valuable and fulfilling.”
—Amanda Sinclair, Leadership for the Disillusioned: Moving Beyond Myths and Heroes to Leading That Liberates

Who are the leaders in your organization? Close your eyes and think for a moment. Who is the first person that comes to mind? Is it your director/president? Someone from senior management? The coordinator of community outreach? What about the head of security or the ticket taker at the front door? Is it you?

We often think of the words leader and director in the same breath, but this way of thinking sets up a situation where staff members across the institution treat the identified leader with such deference that they abdicate their own power to make a difference in achieving organizational outcomes. Those who are not in positions of assigned authority may tend to wait for vision and direction from “on high,” rather than taking initiative to create positive change.

Today, museums are operating in a climate of change that calls for new ways of thinking about how leaders and followers across the institution take and support initiative in service of creating value. While it may be less stressful for those without positional power to give over responsibility to those with formal authority, the organization thereby ultimately becomes less creative and connected.

To read more, please visit the ASTC Blog.