Few youth job prep programs can boast of making a sustained impact on both the environment and the next generation. Tree Trust, founded over 40 years ago, has successfully tackled this dual mission. It seeks to improve the community environment by investing in people, typically underserved youth and young adults. Since 1976, 56,000 youth and young adult participants have planted and distributed hundreds of thousands of plants and shrubs, while overcoming numerous and often compounding variables to achieve success.

The multidimensional organization hosts five JobPrep programs and offers community forestry education and initiatives, while also operating a for-profit landscaping company that directly supports employment training programming and community forestry.

Tree Trust is seeking a visionary and strategic leader for the position of Executive Director. The Executive Director will lead with passion and ambition to promote the organization throughout the community, and s/he and will serve as an effective evangelist for the mission by employing strong communication skills and cultivating both public and private sector partnerships.

The ideal candidate will bring an entrepreneurial edge to drive the creativity and innovation needed to enhance and redirect their current business model. S/he will also bring knowledge of fundraising strategies and donor relations that are unique to the nonprofit sector.

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