Chief Executive Officer

The Twin Cities Medical Society (TCMS) is a physician only, member-driven and grassroots-focused organization. Its mission is to connect, represent, and engage physicians in improving the practice of medicine, policy development, and public health initiatives. TCMS strives to achieve equity in health and well-being in the Twin Cities, and to be the most effective advocate for public policy initiatives important to TCMS member physicians.

The Society works to accomplish its mission, in large part, by engaging physicians in local and national advocacy work around specific public health initiatives. Examples include its efforts to reduce tobacco use through the Physician Advocacy Network, and its initiative to ensure every person’s health care choices are clearly defined and honored, through Honoring Choices Minnesota. Beyond engaging physicians in advocacy work, TCMS strives to support the physical and mental well-being of its members. TCMS is prioritizing Physician Wellness in 2017-2018 by developing a program that supports physicians and medical students, as well as their family members, who are struggling with chemical addiction and mental health issues. Through both physician engagement and support, TCMS hopes to make the Twin Cities one of the best environments in the nation for physicians to live and practice.

TCMS is currently looking to fill their CEO position. This is the perfect time to assume leadership of this impressive community of 4,500 physicians. In this role, you will become part of a legacy of leaders that has allowed the power, passion, and knowledge of this physician community to be channeled into substantial advocacy work, public health initiatives, and overall health equity promotion in the Twin Cities.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Directs programs and activities of the Society to assure objectives are attained and the needs of the membership are met.
  • Executes strategies and policies approved by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee.
  • Serves as a stimulus for innovation and progress of the Society’s strategy and operations.
  • Develops strategies for alternative revenue generation beyond dues revenue such as grants, appropriations, and partnerships.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for preparation of the budget, and furnishes financial reports to the TCMS Executive Committee and Board of Directors on a regular basis.
  • Carries out such duties and responsibilities delegated by the Board President and Executive Committee.
  • Recognizes that his/her primary responsibility is in aiding and assisting the elected officers of the Society, so that their job responsibilities can be performed with maximum of effect and minimum of effort.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Experience: minimum of 5 years in a leadership or management role
  • Educational background: BA/BS required; Masters preferred
  • Strong and effective communicator, persuasive speaking and writing skills
  • Strong collaborator
  • Visionary
  • Experience in a membership-based organization a plus
  • Has experience working with physician leaders
  • Understands and is highly motivated and committed to health equity
  • Has agility across practices/clinics, hospitals, health plans and 3rd party payers


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