When we started CohenTaylor, we worked hard to develop our north star—our beacon for direction.  Something we could return to as a declaration of intention; our motives for our work.  We built a manifesto—a declaration of our aims for the business.

At our core, we all wanted to be part of something bigger than ourselves individually.  It was common among us that in our hearts we wanted to seek connectedness, to help one other in community, to give back, to care.  And whatever “it” was—it would be important enough to keep us up at night and get us out of bed in the morning.

This passion for our contribution to the greater good—led us to gaining certification as part of a global movement in the B Corp space. These were a movement of businesses that wanted to “use business as a force for good”.  It already aligned with our work with nonprofits, but also included working with for profit mission-driven organizations—where there was a profit motive, influenced by a product or service that had a social impact.  Business that had a material positive impact on society as a whole.

It also gave us the groundwork for how we wanted to do this work—with an outcome to find leaders who truly reflected the values and passion of our clients.  Leaders who would not only make an impact on the organization—but who, because of their leadership, would help the organization make a bigger difference in community.  The ones who, like us and with us, hope for a better tomorrow for all who share this community—whether global or local.

A play on words—it’s what we’re searching for.