On behalf of our client, the Great River Greening, CohenTaylor Executive Search Services is conducting a retained executive search for its Executive Director.

April 11, 2019    
For more information or to send your credentials, please email moc.r1561010172olyat1561010172nehoc1561010172@ofni1561010172 All inquiries will remain confidential. Please note that relocation is not part of this role.

Founded in 1995, Great River Greening protects our natural world, working at the heart of community and conservation. Great River Greening brings people together, inspiring them to restore healthy land and water across Minnesota. Through volunteer events and large-scale restoration projects, Great River Greening offers community-based solutions to environmental challenges. Great River Greening transforms degraded land into beautifully resilient natural areas, cleans our waterways, and builds diverse habitats that support wildlife and climate resilience.

Recognized as a leader in the Minnesota community-based restoration of prairies, forests, and waters, Great River Greening has built a solid foundation and is now poised for its next phase of growth. By strengthening the Great River Greening brand and enhancing its critical community partnerships, the next Executive Director has the exciting opportunity to play a critical role in the organization’s growth.

Great River Greening seeks a strategic and motivational leader to serve as Executive Director. The Executive Director will lead with passion and ambition to promote the growth of the organization throughout the community and will serve as an effective advocate for the mission by employing strong communication skills and cultivating both public and private sector partnerships.

For more information or to send your credentials, please email moc.r1561010172olyat1561010172nehoc1561010172@ofni1561010172.

All inquiries will remain confidential.