On behalf of our client, Twin Cities R!SE, CohenTaylor Executive Search Services is conducting a retained executive search for its President/CEO.

November 17, 2021    

For more information or to send your credentials, please email TCR@cohentaylor.com. All inquiries will remain confidential.

Twin Cities R!SE (TCR) is an innovative nonprofit with the mission to transform the lives of those impated by racial or socio-economic barriers through Personal Empoewrment, career training, and meaningful employment. TCR prepares participants with the skills they’ll need on the job, works with them to find meaningful employment, and partners with participants for one full year after they’ve landed their new job.

And, the curriculum goes beyond teaching – TCR’s signature Personal Empowerment program provides transformative change, focusing on personal transformation. By teaching the four building blocks of Emotional Intelligence, employees attain the self-confidence, self-control, team building skills, and social management to succeed at home, and dwork, and in life. TCR is driven to ignite transformation.

The President/CEO will support TCR’s deep commitment to innovative poverty reduction while also meeting the needs of the marketplace. This strategic, results-oriented leader will lead both TCR’s direct service model and its Empowerment Institute, setting strategic direction to advance TCR’s mission and vision.