CohenTaylor is proud to be leading the search for the Bakken Museum‘s new Executive Director. After 23 years of leadership, David Rhees will be retiring this fall. We found the article below to be an inspiring view of the changing landscape of leadership in the museum science field.

By Julie I. Johnson and Randy C. Roberts
From Association of Science Technology Centers Dimensions

“Leadership is not a job or a position, but a way of influencing others towards ends recognized as valuable and fulfilling.”
—Amanda Sinclair, Leadership for the Disillusioned: Moving Beyond Myths and Heroes to Leading That Liberates

Who are the leaders in your organization? Close your eyes and think for a moment. Who is the first person that comes to mind? Is it your director/president? Someone from senior management? The coordinator of community outreach? What about the head of security or the ticket taker at the front door? Is it you?

We often think of the words leader and director in the same breath, but this way of thinking sets up a situation where staff members across the institution treat the identified leader with such deference that they abdicate their own power to make a difference in achieving organizational outcomes. Those who are not in positions of assigned authority may tend to wait for vision and direction from “on high,” rather than taking initiative to create positive change.

Today, museums are operating in a climate of change that calls for new ways of thinking about how leaders and followers across the institution take and support initiative in service of creating value. While it may be less stressful for those without positional power to give over responsibility to those with formal authority, the organization thereby ultimately becomes less creative and connected.

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