Our expertise

What we Do Best

We’re “hands on” professionals, responsible for all the work related to each search. In over 20 years, we’ve gathered exceptional insight from conducting hundreds of successful leadership searches, locally and nationally, in multiple sectors.


A Great Combination

Our principals are among the best-rated recruiters. Using a deep understanding of our client, our individual career experiences, our professional networks and the rigor of independent research we find candidates with demonstrated experience who can succeed in leading your organizational strategies forward.

We’re seasoned, cross-sector experts

Our team comes with decades of experience – not only in recruitment, but also in the nonprofit and for-profit arenas. This kind of real world knowledge makes us more than good recruiters. We become our client’s business partners and talent consultants.

We start strong by going deeper

We go deeper in discovery. We go deeper in research and recruiting. We go deeper in interviews and we go deeper in onboarding and helping with the transition. We believe in the importance of the rigor of the search process.

We have a bigger, more holistic view of fit

Our experience as leaders searching for leaders has taught us a lot about what makes a candidate “fit” an organization. There are three important elements: competency (skills and experience) fit, work style fit, and cultural fit. We know how to look for and find those softer, subtler signs of fit — the kind that can make or break success.

We’re focused on the finished line

Our work follows a well-defined process—an informed practice that guides our clients to a data-driven decision. We walk side by side with our clients with tools that lead to a successful placement.

Our holistic view

We go deeper. Our clients’ needs drive our approach.

A deeper understanding of our clients is what’s important to us

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Both a science and an art…

CohenTaylor is comprised of industry experts with a passion for finding talent who share your organization’s values and mission. What we do is both a science and an art. Our team uses proven research tools to creatively recruit a diverse set of qualified candidates. However, what looks good on paper may not be great in person. Finding the right cultural fit is as critical as spotting skills and experience.