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Dr. Amy Batiste, Ed.D.

Founder & CEO, Creative Catalysts, Inc.

Amy Batiste is the founder and CEO of Creative Catalysts, Inc., She has been in the business of strategy-making, change-making and strategic storytelling for 20+ years. Her insights, artistry and expertise in planning and organization development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and experiential learning are the foundation for her creative and engaging solutions.

Known for her unique blend of strategic and visual thinking, Amy brings valuable knowledge and experience as a hands-on practitioner in the areas of human-centered design, diversity, equity and inclusion, visual communications and organization development. Her work is best described as insightfully designed, masterfully facilitated and artfully communicated.

Prior to launching Creative Catalysts in 1998, Amy led strategic initiatives at Trinity University (San Antonio), Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, the National Association of State Directors of Special Education and General Motors Small Car Group/Saturn Corporation. She was also the founding Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity Education & Leadership (IDEAL) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Business.

She earned a master’s degree in public communication from The American University and a doctorate in leadership and organization development from Vanderbilt University.